Other DEI Services

DESI Workshops

Curated workshops aimed at fostering awareness, debunking myths, and addressing biases associated with individuals from diverse identity groups. These sessions feature a range of interactive and simulation-driven activities.

  • 1 Hour workshops for HR Managers on best practices and policies for hiring people from diverse identity groups
  • 90 Minute Workshops for Emerging Managers and New Joiners
  • 4 Hour Comprehensive Workshop for enterprise-wide sensitisation
  • Other customised workshops based on client requirement

DESI Audit

Inaccessible physical & digital infrastructure is a core issue which has prevented PwD’s from being employed. Accessibility is defined as any service, infrastructure and communication that is accessible to persons across the 21 disabilities without any intervention. DESINATION has an expert team to conduct a detailed audit of the physical, digital infrastructure of the organisation and give suitable recommendations in accordance with the defined accessibility standards.

DESI Score
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assessment

Assess individuals, processes, and culture for DEI compliance. Gather employee and leader feedback on diversity readiness and program effectiveness. Extract crucial insights for crafting a robust diversity strategy.

DESI Training
Orientation & Mobility Training

Orientation & Mobility Training is given to PwDs to enable them to be independent in an organisation. Employees without disability are trained on how to guide, train and enable PwDs to be independent at their workplace by orienting them to all touch points within the organisation.


Assisting organizations in enhancing their DEI quotient by facilitating the recruitment and onboarding of individuals from diverse identity groups.

Job Role & Disability Fitment Analysis

Analysis of the nature of job roles and mapping the job roles across the 21 disabilities.

Policy & Process implementation

Policies & procedures are the foundation on which the culture and ethos of the organisation are developed. To create an inclusive organisation, hiring policies, equal opportunity policies, D&I framework, grievance redressal mechanism should be clearly defined and aligned and inclusive for people belonging to all diverse identity groups.

DESI Dukaan

A marketplace of curated products & services by individuals belonging to diverse identity groups.

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