Dialogue Leadership Workshop

What is Dialogue Leadership Workshop?

A 180 minute transformational & reflective workshop that will let individuals innovate and solve problems in an ambiguous & challenging environment ultimately leading to re-discovery of one’s potential, self limiting beliefs, creativity & leadership style.


  • Understanding the role of empathy in communication.
  • Finding comfort in seeking help rather than staying overwhelmed.
  • Increased acceptance to change & self awareness.
  • Becoming more proactive than reactive.
  • Moving from blaming to taking responsibility.
  • Learning to work in ambiguity and finding a new orientation & order for the team.
  • Developing the willingness to see other’s perspective.
  • Moving from rigidity to flexibility.
  • Moving beyond habituated responses & biases.

Conduct this workshop at your location

Target Audience : Senior / Global Leadership

Audience Size : Min – 20 members & Max – 40 members

Participant Fee per head : Rs.5000+ Taxes

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