Dialogue Team Workshop

What is Dialogue Team Workshop?

A 120 minute immersive team building workshop that is curated by our experienced Visually Impaired Trainers in pitch darkness. Teams will be challenged with tasks that will allow them to shed their inhibitions and experience a new sense of freedom to express themselves.


  • Becoming more proactive than reactive.
  • Moving from blaming to taking responsibility.
  • Seeking clarity than assuming.
  • Finding comfort in seeking help rather than staying overwhelmed.
  • Developing the willingness to see other’s perspective.
  • Understanding the importance of trust within a team.
  • Moving beyond pre-conceived notions.
  • Shared success & enhancing collaborative spirit.

Conduct this workshop at your location

Target Audience : Junior / Mid-Level Managers & Teams

Audience Size : Min – 20 members & Max – 40 members

Participant Fee per head : Rs.3500+ Taxes

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