Coffee in the Dark

What is Coffee in the Dark?

  • Coffee in the Dark is a 60 minute adventure experience (DEI) that will let participants explore the art & science of preparing coffee and exhibit sensitivity & empathy towards their peers like never before.
  • An exciting team bonding & icebreaking activity that will compel participants to pause, think, communicate & collaborate with their co-participants beyond social barriers or prejudices.
  • A great platform for teams to test their communication & process skills as the activity involves meticulous planning & execution.


  • Helps teams and individuals to sharpen communication and promote inclusive ways of working.
  • Helps in self-awareness & overcoming of conscious & unconscious biases leading to enhanced trust & bonding among team.

Conduct this workshop at your location

Audience : Emerging Managers

Audience Size : Min – 20 members & Max – 40 members

Participant Fee per head : Rs.1500+ Taxes

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