4 Senses Challenge

What is Four Senses Challenge?

  • The Four Senses Challenge is an immersive sensory experience (DEI), wherein visitors will walk into a sensory set up and participate in group-based activities conducted in complete darkness.
  • A 90 minute session in complete darkness that uses no conventional tools like face to face engagements, presentations, board writing, taking notes etc, but just allows you to unsettle to settle in the Dark, come to terms with your own self & reflect on the experience in a fun filled & joyful way.
  • Activities which are apparently simple by light become very exciting, complex & compel visitors to collaborate, communicate & work with their covisitors to accomplish the desired outcomes.


  • Understand and experience the heightened potential of the other 4 senses.
  • Inspire and develop a strong sense of empathy among peers & PwDs.
  • Feeling expanded and realizing one’s potential in an unfamiliar and out of comfort zone environment.

Conduct this workshop at your location

Audience : Entry Level Associates

Audience Size : Min – 20 members & Max – 40 members

Participant Fee per head : Rs.2500+ Taxes

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